High-quality 3D scan service

Digital Service

ADS is a high-quality service that scans plaster models in 3D and delivers the data in STL format, suitable for model storage.

ASO Digital Service

Advantage of introduction of ADS

  • Data is required No storage space.
  • The data is highly versatile, so it can be used with any viewing software.
  • The scanned data (STL data) can be used in a variety of applications.
  • Requests for restoration (modeling) are also readily available.
Scan data
Basis Set-up

3D Printing Service

– Printing Service –

cad Point 1

You can order with modeling data (STL data) from intraoral scanners and lab scanners (compatible with various manufacturers).

cad Point 2

We offer model with high precision by using a high-performance 3D printer owned by ASO International, Inc.

cad Point 3

We can manufacture a variety of orthodontic appliances, which is virtual setups and aligners.

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Placing order

You can choose ordering methods from the following

Order with plaster model Order with IOS data