About Us

Message from the President

We are aiming to be a company that contributes to the orthodontic industry on a global scale

Aso International, Inc. was founded in 1982 and we celebrated its 42th anniversary in April 2024. We would like to express our deep gratitude to all of you for your continued support and cooperation.

Looking back at the time of establishment, I can clearly recall the beginning when I opened a dental laboratory specializing in orthodontics by myself in Sumida Ward, Tokyo.
At that time, although I mainly made Study Models, it was far from the “smooth sailing start” I had wished for.

However, I firmly believed that the era of orthodontics would surely come to Japan in the future, and in order to learn a wide range of techniques and orthodontic technician knowledge, I actively participated in seminars and courses for orthodontists in the United States. By taking these courses, I intended to improve our qualifications as a laboratory specializing in orthodontics.

After that, we were able to steadily improve our business performance every year with the introduction of new customers.
Currently, we have sales and manufacturing bases in Tokyo, Niigata, Nagoya, and Osaka, and we are constantly expanding sales activities on a nationwide scale.
We do business with 29 national and private universities and many dental clinics that offer orthodontics as a medical treatment.

Overseas, we have sales and manufacturing bases in Manila and Hawaii, and have established a data center in Silicon Valley, California, and we would like to further focus on the overseas business development. In 2013, we acquired ISO 13485 certification for the purpose of having thorough compliance and product quality assurance – we will strive to maintain and improve quality control and information security systems, and further improve our quality. The Niigata branch office was relocated as a large-scale factory in order to improve the quality and expand our production capacity.

Going forward, we are determined to contribute to the orthodontic industry on a global scale as ASO International, Inc., by introducing the latest orthodontic technologies and equipment and holding various orthodontic-related seminars.
We look forward to your continued patronage.

Toshimasa Aso

Philosophy Message

Provide a professional and latest technology from the world to Japan and from Japan to the world.

Code of Business Conduct

The Code of Business Conduct is established as the basic policy for the conduct of the ASO Group and each and every employee.

  1. To be a trusted company and citizen of the international community through open and fair corporate activities in compliance with the law.
  2. Respect the culture and customs of each country and region, and contribute to economic and social development.
  3. In the field of orthodontics, we strive to research and develop cutting-edge technologies and provide attractive products and services that meet the needs of our customers worldwide.
  4. Aim for growth in harmony with society through global and innovative management.
  5. To promote mutual development, build a relationship of trust with our business partners through fair and honest business dealings.
  6. We will strive to gain the understanding and support of shareholders and creditors through fair and transparent corporate management.
  7. Properly manage personal and other information and the our confidential information.
  8. Aim to coexist in harmony with the local community, such as cooperate in activities that contribute to the development of the community and a comfortable and safe lifestyle.
  9. We will strive to act in a sensible manner with basic legal knowledge, social common sense and a sense of justice to avoid involvement in illegal or anti-social activities. We will take a firm stand against antisocial forces and have no relationship with them.

Company profile

Company name ASO International, Inc.
JP notation: 株式会社アソインターナショナル
Address 〒104-0061
No, 22 Chuo-Building 4F, 2-11-8 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Phone number 03-3547-0471
Please use the「Please use the 」Contact form
FAX number 03-3547-0475
Main office in Jappan ● Niigata branch
〒950-0911 2-10-16, Sasaguchi, Chuo-ku, Niigata city, Niigata pref.
Phone number:025-278-8436 / FAX number:025-278-8437

● Nagoya branch
〒460-0003 5F, 2-19-21, Nishiki, Naka-ku, Nagoya city, Aichi pref.
Phone number:052-201-5371 / FAX number:052-201-5372

● Osaka branch
〒532-0011 5-8-21, Nishi-Nakajima, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka
Phone number:06-6886-2382 / FAX number:06-6886-2383
Established 1982
A representative director / CEO 阿曽 敏正
Toshimasa Aso
A capital 350,170,000 JPY
Main our bank The MUFJ Bank Co., Ltd. / Mizuho Bank, Ltd.
A member organizations Japanese Orthodontic Society
Japanese Association of Orthodontists
Japan Association of Adult Orthodontics
Japan Lingual Orthodontic Association (JLOA)
The Japanese Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine (JADSM)
International Functional Association (IFUNA)



Our History


Toshimasa Aso establsihed ASO Dental, a laboratory specializing orthodontics. ASO Dental was founded in Tokyo’s Sumida Ward as a one-person company. At that time, there were few places that practiced orthodontics, and in order to learn the skills and knowledge of orthodontic technicians, actively participated in domestic and overseas seminars. Improved the quality of our orthodontic laboratory.


Learned gnathological splints and positioners from Dr. Ross and Dr. Buster of San Francisco’s FACE, and soon after introduced them in Japan.


Reorganized into a joint-stock company and established “ASO DENTAL Co., Ltd.”


Company name changed to “Aso International, Inc.”


Moved the head office to the current location in Ginza, Tokyo.


Toshimasa Aso was appointed as a part-time lecturer at Saitama Dental Technician College.


Established ASO International Hawaii, Inc. as a production base for the United States.


Held the 1st Clear Aligner Seminar
Launched “Clear Aligner”, the first sequential mouthpiece-type orthodontic appliance in Japan.


Established the Osaka branch office to improve our production base and service coverage in western Japan.


First Clear Aligner Seminar held overseas (Hawaii).


CAIC launched; Toshimasa Aso becomes chairman.


Organized a lecture to commemorate the inauguration of CAIC (Clear Aligner International Council).


First exhibit at the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO), the largest orthodontic society in the United States.


Relocated to make Niigata branch a large-scale production factory. Built a system for improving quality and expanding production capacity.


Chairman of The Nippon Dental University Tokyo Junior College Alumni Association.


Renamed “Clear Aligner” to “AsoAligner”.
Developed an original production software, dramatically improving accuracy and productivity.


Established the Nagoya branch office to improve service coverage in the Chubu area.


Established ASO International Istanbul, Inc. as a production base in Europe.


Obtained the international standard ISO13485. Strive to maintain and improve quality control and information security systems.


Established ASO International Manila, Inc. to expand production base for overseas markets as part of our global expansion strategy.


Launch of “Full Digital Harmony”, which is completely digitized from design to production.


Obtained MDSAP (TUV SUD), USFDA, and Philippine FDA, as well as the international standard ISO 13485. Built a system for thorough quality control.


Formed a business alliance with PWG of Canada to start production of Clear Bow, a transparent, aesthetic and durable retainer wire.


Launched “AsoAligner Digital” with improved accuracy by digitizing the production process.


Launched customized bands designed with CAD and manufactured with metal printers.


Production and sale of lingual lock.


Listed on the Standard market of Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc.

  • Stock code:9340
  • ISIN:JP3120120005
  • Industry code:9050


Launched "CHANGE AsoAligner® FULL-Package"

Overseas Network

We are a dental laboratory specializing in orthodontics with more than 50 domestic and international sales and manufacturing locations.
Our unique network allows us to share technology in each region and to deliver quickly.


Business details

We have an advisory group of specialists with proven experience in orthodontic clinical practice to help us design orthodontic appliances with greater precision.

If you have a case with which you have no experience or if you are a general dentist who is about to introduce orthodontic treatment, we encourage you to take advantage of ASO International's technical support and services.

In addition, we sponsor various seminars throughout the year, inviting prominent doctors from Japan and abroad to promote the use of various orthodontic devices and to improve their techniques.