Mouthpiece orthodontic appliances


Orthodontic teatment system for the whole jaw

AsoAligner which is Well-known as MTM is now available with expanding a range of treatment cases.

  • Support for orthodontic treatment of the whole jaw
  • Flat-rate package plans
  • Attachments is available

None applicable

  • Case of skeletal level orthodontic treatment
  • Upper and lower occlusal/bite construction
  • Excessive (severe) open bite cases
  • Lateral displacement and angle class III cases
  • Disorders with mesiodistal movement of molars
  • Cases that cannot be treated even with bracket treatment, Cases that are in the process of erupting or undergoing prosthetic treatment


  • Cases those excluding None applicable cases
    ※ There may be diagmnosis this treatment may not apply.

System overview

● Fixed price for 2 years from the first shipment

  • ※ Renewable if fixed period is exceeded(1 year renewal)
  • ※ Additional charge for renewal
  • ※ We do not guarantee treatment results during the target period.
  • The sheet used is basic 0.6mm(0.5mm, 0.8mm, 1.0mm can be used upon request)
  • Estimated amount of movement for one step(one sheet)is 0.2 mm to 0.5 mm(Standard as 0.25 mm)
  • Attachment can be added(sheet w/attachment type)
  • Bottom line of aligner is basic straight cut
  • 1 step wear/set for 1 week-10 days
  • During the period, when the aligner does not fit, the new aligner can be ordered free of charge.


● Retainer

Included in one set flat pricing after treatment is completed.
※ Additional retainer is optional

● When using orthodontic devices other than aligners

Please consult us if correction device other than an aligner, such as mesial/distal movement or lateral expansion appliances are used.(For combined usage with appliances, discount system may apply)
Ex)Mesial-distal movement SHU-lider, lateral expansion expansion bed, quad helix

Related services

Detailing Aligner

Aligners are used to make final adjustments for quality bite match.

Target period:1 year from the first delivery
Flat pricing system

※ Only cases which our SYMPHONY and HARMONY have been used are accepted.

Orthodontist support services

Support service for smooth mouthpiece orthodontic treatment

  • Diagnosis support
  • Assistance with treatment planning
  • Re-evaluation support

This service is to provide advice and suggestions regarding orthodontic practice. Clients are responsible for carefully reviewing the Services and determining the appropriateness of the diagnosis and treatment plan for each individual patient prior to clinical application. This service does not guarantee any actual diagnosis, treatment, treatment effect or quality.

Please feel free to inquire about using orthodontic devices other than aligners.

By using correction devices other than aligners, such as mesial-distal movement and lateral expansion, it may lead to better treatment results. For details, Please contact us.
※ For combined usage with appliances, discount system may apply,

・Mesial and Distal Movement SHU-lider(Certificate course required)
・Side expansion, quad helix, etc.

Combined with orthodontic device

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