Mouthpiece type orthodontic appliance

AsoAligner AsoAligner

AsoAligner is a transparent, thin and aesthetically pleasing mouthpiece type orthodontic appliance.

The elasticity nature of aligner sheets are maximized for necessary teeth movement. Impressions are taken by set period/schedule. Then aligners are manufactured with various thicknesses,to control and guide necessary corrections

applicable cases

  • Showing a case of relapse after orthodontic treatment
  • Cases of MTM (mainly 3-3)
  • A case where crowding can be improved by mild crowding disking
    (Arch length discrepancy within 4mm)

inapplicable case

  • Tooth extraction cases (with a large amount of receding in anteriors)
  • Cases with intermaxillary problems, such Angle II, Angle III, deviation, open bite
  • Cases of skeletal abnormalities
  • Tooth movement with large quantity

Bulk order for multiple steps

The current AsoAligner requires an impression for each step, With the AsoAligner Digital, only one impression is required for selection from 3 packages: 1 step, 3 steps (recommended), and 5 steps.

This improves the patient's appointment frequency according to the doctor's requirement/plan.

Soft/Medium type

It is suitable for tooth movement, however the aligners are very thin and may deform during long-term use.

Usage of deformed aligners may not achieve the planned movement, Therefore, It is advisable to consume 140 to 200 hours (7days to 10days) then change to medium type, and with the same frequency, please change to hard type.Another measurement to consider, is to confirm gaps/spaces between each teeth and aligners are none.

Please confirm the tooth surfaces fit to aligners as perfectly fit. This is also the timing to replace your aligner.

Hard type

Hard aligner is not only a retainer, It support the correction of those movement soft and medium wasnt able to fulfill. In occasions multiple steps are applied, and to ensure each movement are followed as simulated, hard aligner is advised to wear/set about 250 hours (about 2 weeks) or more.

Sheet to use, 1 step

1 step

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