Full Digital I.D.B. System

Teeth setup is available with Alveolar bone and Root information.


Crown only


Option Setup
Display alveolar bone / root information on setup

Option Setup
Option Setup



Unique SET UP technology with overcorrection that predicts force

ASO International has a cumulative total of more than 1 million cases of SETUP production.

SET UP Technology

Realistic and optimal finish setting considering the positional relationship between the root and alveolar bone

Root exposure from the alveolar base in orthodontic treatment has been difficult to predict. SYMPHONY prevents root exposure during treatment by linking SETUP data with CBCT data.
SYMPHONY is packed with this know-how, and gives the amount of over-collection in accordance with the movement conditions.


Machine bent wire for improved treatment efficiency.

SYMPHONY uses straight wires in all cases. The arch shape and wire designed for each individual patient reduces chair time. It provides more gradual orthodontic force than off-the-shelf products and increases the speed of treatment.

❊ 5-5 kits may have step bends in the molars.


The reusable, individual-tooth independent jig and hybrid core designed for accurate bracket positioning are used.

The bottleneck in the straight wire approach is bracket detachment due to the thickness of the base resin that exists between the brackets and the teeth. SYMPHONY avoids such problems by shaping the base resin to the limit.

Regarding bonding, we can also adapt for pre-operative correction of bracket sets by using a jig (hybrid core) that is individually designed for each tooth.

Hybrid cores can be reused multiple times, and the exact same positioning can be used for re-bonding.

Hybrid core

Equipped with a dedicated viewer for setup confirmation.

A dedicated viewer for checking SET UP is available free of charge.

❊ Installation of the viewer requires a PC that meets the operating environment.

Hybrid core

Customized bands in various shapes can be produced.

Designed by CAD and produced by metal printer.

  • Good fit because it is custom made.
  • No need to stock bands.
  • Reduce chair time and number of visits
  • No separator is required, so patients are comfortable.
  • You can smoothly place orders for band-related appliances if you have IOS.
➞ Learn more about customized bands
Hybrid core

Bracket position re-setting service

SYMPHONY can also handle unexpected changes in treatment plans during treatment.

We will re-design from the SETUP with the bracket position re-setting service (optional).

❊ Only one use within the first 3 years of treatment, brackets must be provided again.

SYMPHONY Specifications

Basic Plan Option
Bracket 1 Quicklear(SL)❊ Manufactured by Forestadent
2 GLAM❊ Select from Forestadent
If you bring your bracket from your clinic, please send it to ASO with a note indicating the product number of the bracket.
➞ Compatible Bracket List
SET UP Digital SETUP(Crown only) SET UP linked to CBCT (DICOM) data is optional (extra charge)
Core Hybrid core
Customized Band Option (extra charge)
Re-positioning Option (extra charge)
❊ Limited to one time per case

❊ Charts and 3D printed models are included.
❊ SYMPHONY is a foreign-made product and has not been approved by the regulatory approval.


10 wires each for the upper and lower jaw; a total of 20 wires are included in the basic price. (Additional wires are extra).

type size
Ni-Ti .012 / .014 / .016 / .018 / .016×.016 / .016×.020 / .016×.022 / .017×.017 / .017×.022 / .017×.024 / .018×.018 / .018×.022 / .018×.025 / .021×.025
SS .016×.020 / .016×.022 / .017×.022 / .018×.018 / .018×.025 / .021×.025
Beta .016×.016 / .016×.022 / .018×.018 / .018×.022 / .018×.025

❊ For 5-5 kits, wires are not included in the base price.
❊ Wire with loop and rubber metal wire are optional (extra charge).

Consultation on products

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